About us

Najmah Naturals LLC is the creation of Ayasha Shamsud-Din, a Portland, Oregon native. As a single parent, Ms. Shamsud-Din raised three adult children who are now adults. She attended Portland State University, where she earned bachelor’s degrees in Social Science and Black Studies and a master’s in Education. Ayasha has engaged in equity, inclusion and belonging work for the past 30 years and has worked in higher education for about seventeen years.

The idea to create a natural bath, body, and personal care products business came to her during a solo birthday trip in 2019. Her desire to create skin- loving products that nourish the skin and soul came naturally, as she was raised in a household where natural remedies and products were used. 

Ayasha serves as the sole artisan, CEO and founder. She started selling Najmah Naturals products in 2020 and officially launched her e-commerce site at the beginning of 2021. Her goal is to provide natural alternatives to big box products with a special focus on products designed for melanated skin.